Monday, February 2, 2009

Production Crew Location Tour

This past weekend, the production crew went on a set tour to scout locations for the upcoming shoot later this month. Here are a few shots from the tour...

This is expected to be one of most challenging locations. You'll know why when you see the film.

Writer/Director, Rocky Costanzo and DP Thomas C. Gertsch discuss shots.

This is a "key" location in the film.

Note Rob Gokee (right) with his cell phone conducting a "tweet." He will be on set during production discussing the film and taking your questions on Twitter (more info here). The goal is to hurt his thumbs, so send him lots of messages.
The famous Lifeguard Tower 11 on the sands of Huntington Beach.
Crew shot at the Newport Jetty. This backdrop was used in the 2004 shoot as well.

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